Kali Malone "Studies for Organ" Rehearsal Demo Tape (self released, 2020)
Kali Malone “The Sacrificial Code” 2xLP 3xCD (Ideal Recordings, 2019)
Acronym & Kali Malone “The Torrid Eye” LP (Stilla Ton, 2019)
Kali Malone “Organ Dirges 2016-2017" Vinyl Reissue (Ascetic House, 2019)
Kali Malone “Cast of Mind” LP (Hallow Ground, 2018)
Kali Malone “Organ Dirges 2016-2017” CS (Ascetic House, 2018)
Sorrowing Christ “Abraxas In A Heap” CS comp (Total Black “Primary Purpose”)
Kali Malone “Velocity of Sleep” LP (XKatedral & Bleak Environment)
Kali Malone “Black Gate” CS (Total Black)
Kali Malone, Ellen Arkbro, Caterina Barbieri “XKatedral Volume III” CS (XKatedral)
Sorrowing Christ “Sorrowing Christ” CS (Ascetic House)
Kali Malone “Tragic Chorus” CS (Bleak Environment & XKatedral)
Kali Malone “XKatedral Volume II” CS comp (XKatedral)


NTS Radio: 24.12.20
France Musique - L'Expérimentale: 27.09.20
Vanity Fair France: 27.04.20
NTS Radio: 24.03.20
NTS Radio: 29.09.19
NTS Radio: 31.05.19
Secret Thirteen STM 271: Sorrowing Christ
LYL Radio XKatedral: Ladder of Primes II
LYL Radio Ascetic House: Dommage Teknique N.6
Dublab X ≠ X 17.04.18 w/ Kali Malone
LYL Radio XKatedral: Ladder of Primes I
Dietl Record 171113 Kali Malone