Kali Malone composes and performs with a clarity of vision. Her music is patient and focused, built on a foundation of evolving harmonic cycles that draw out latent emotional resonances; letting go of expectations of duration and breadth offers a space for reflection and contemplation. In her hands, experimental reinterpretations of centuries-old polyphonic compositional methods and historical tuning systems become portals to new ways of perceiving harmony, structure, and introspection.


Malone’s music for pipe organ, choir, chamber ensembles, and electroacoustic formats has quickly risen to international critical acclaim. She has performed extensively, presenting her music at Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, Philharmonie de Paris, Radio France, Rockefeller Chapel, Grace Cathedral, The Southbank Center, Bozar, Schauspielhaus, Berghain, Unsound Festival, Berlin Atonal, and Kanal Pompidou amongst many other museums, contemporary art spaces, concert halls, churches, and festivals throughout Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. Her commissioned work and residencies include the Ina GRM, The Venice Biennale, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Orgelpark, and Lafayette Anticipations. She has collaborated and performed with various artists, including Stephen O’Malley, Lucy Railton, Caterina Barbieri, Macadam Ensemble, Leila Bordreuil, and Drew McDowall.


Originally from Colorado, Malone relocated to Stockholm in 2012. She is currently based between Stockholm and Paris.








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